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Konya Provincial Directorate of National Education is a state institution in charge with the planning and coordination of all kinds of educational and training activities in pre-school, primary, secondary and adult education in Konya province. Konya Province has 31 districts with 1.700 schools, 475.000 students and 24.500 teachers in total. Konya Il MEM is an umbrella organization for all these schools and institutions. Konya Il Mem’s mission; is to ensure to boost efficiency and productivity of associated institutions and of employees and pleasure of worker and service fields; to develop education-teaching process by following modern innovations and advances, by carrying out researches; to improve and to implement laws and other regulations through the general goals and fundamental principles of National Education System in Konya province. 

Our vision; is to be a qualified, prominent institution that has reached the level to compete for equivalent institutions in Turkey and in modern countries with ensuring authentic contribution to the development of Turkish National Education System by providing effective usage of knowledge, skill, value and technology required for Knowledge Era.

Address: Akçeşme Mahallesi Garaj Caddesi No:4, Konya, TURKEY



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Zespół Szkół Ponadgimnazjalnych  (Complex of secondary schools) in Chojna consists of three schools: general education school preparing students for university studies, technical school specialized in IT, construction, catering and hotel management and vocational school. There are 650 students and65 teachers. Students are aged 16-19. ZSP is situated in a small town of Chojna, in the Gryfino District (north – west of Poland). Most of the students are from the town of Chojna and a rural area in the vicinity.

Address: Dworcowa 3, 74-500, Chojna, POLAND



Telephone: +48914142029



PIA is a private enterprise established in 1991, dedicated to education, management in education and development of software. Company employees 17 experts  and it is umbrella organization for co−operating experts, especially for the project in the fields of education. From 2009 to 2013 PIA has run one of the biggest educational projects in Slovenia and has contracted more than 1000 experts and teachers from various field of education. One of the primary focus on this project was teacher improvement and PIA supported self-evaluation techniques with questionnaires and software platform. Piad.o.o. also have experience of international co−operation, have been involved in several EU programmes, CARDS projects in Balkan and commercial projects in USA. Pia d.o.o. Velenje has experience: 24 years of development educational software, 18 years working on Open and Distant Learning (ODL), 2 created ODL course, (  )  20 years of co−operations with Ministry of Educations and Sports of Slovenia active participation in Leonardo da Vinci program from 1997, 6 projects led and successfully finished, participation in several other projects ( 10 years of working on Quality Assurance in Vocational Education, experience of creating supported software in QA. Special expertise in supporting EU projects with collaborative software and tools for managing projects expertize in preparation, development and implementation large scale software for different ministries of education in Balkan area (Ministry of education of Montenegro and Canton ministry of education of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ministry of education of Slovenia) expertize in implementation of ISO standards into schooling organizations curricula and training programme development as proven in the project Technical Support to Vocational Education and Training (VET) in Montenegro which developed a first draft of National Qualification Framework (NQF).  In the last years PIA specializes in introduction of new techniques of learning and management into schools and actively lecture in educational conferences (SIRIKT Slovenia, InfoComTeh Slovenia, Future of education, Italy). PIA has implemented ISO 9001 standard.

Address: Prešernova cesta 9b, 3320, Velenje, SLOVENIA



Telephone: +38638983790



Söderköping is a small town (12300 inhabitants) We are the only high school in town and we cover a wide area both the rural area and the archipelago of eastern Östergötland. The students commute up to 50 kilometers or are border and lodged in Söderköping. About 40% of our students have another origin country than Sweden. Our school offers an individual programme tailored especially to the needs of the students that cannot applied to the national programmes. Our school is adapted to handicapped people and we have students that are disabled. Since 2 years ago our school has received many immigrant youngsters and we constantly work in their integration to the Swedish society and the European citizenship. In an ever-changing world the ability to gain new knowledge is essential. Being able to use the tools that modern information technology offers is a basic skill today. Every human being needs inner stability, a platform of trust, understanding of others, self-reflection and self-esteem. We in Nyströmska school have this motivation in mind and we work actively with democratic issues and anti-racism activities. We have around 890 student at our school.

Address: ÖstraRydsvägen 8, 61480, Söderköping, SWEDEN



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The members of the Kőszegi Testvérvárosi Egyesület (Kőszeg Town Twinning Association) are Kőszeg residents who take an active part in the life of the city, independently from the political parties. One of their aims is to help the cooperation of Kőszeg and its several twin and partner cities. Some of the members are high-school or college students and young employees. All the members – about 35 people – love and are loyal to our own city, country and culture, but we also agree with our EU membership and would also like to convince people about its benefits. Our association is a non-profit, non-governmental civil association. As many members are teachers (language, science, PE, computer science), employees and even the head of the cultural center, our association are experts in education, culture, sport and obviously youth and social issues. Kőszeg is in a special situation, it is located at the Hungarian-Austrian border. Over the centuries it was considered as Austrian, later Hungarian and again Austrian etc. territory. There live Croatian and German minorities in peace for many decades. Our association helps to accept them, prove that the cultural diversity is our region is important and beneficial. The main activity of our association is to organize youth exchanges, seminars, events where our youngsters have the chance to work together in an international team. As an extra benefit of being an association having so many teachers as members we can be involved in the informal and non-formal education not only in one single school but in all schools of the town.

Address: Rajnis9, 9730, Köszeg, HUNGARY



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Mahmut Sami Ramazanoğlu Anatolian Religious High School is a high school which has 2000 students and 130 teachers. Students are studying from prep class to12th grade at our school. Prep class is optional, so if the students wish they can start in the 9th grade. All the students enter this school according to their exam points which they get at the end of 8th grade. It is located in the center of Konya. It is a kind of vocational school which teaches both social sciences and essence of Islam. It has many kinds of classes, Arabic and English are taught as second language. The school also has an NGO which works for school students. NGO is in the same garden with our school and it has varieties of members including teachers, directors, academicians, trainers. It also works with other local and international NGOs coordinatively. It has a strong school council which supports it every time and works actively. Our school’s mission is to grow up individuals who have skills in the scope of science, art, culture and religion. Also we aim at growing up individuals aware of the merit of cultural heritage, capable of commenting on the life they live, producing logical solutions for the problems and have moral values we have discipline to guide students who start and complete university education in a perfect degree. It works with other institutions coordinatively. For example; it cooperates with English Teaching Faculty and Arabic Teaching Faculty in terms of language education. It also cooperates with Technology Faculty in terms of Islamic education. It has strong relations with Konya Provincial National Education Directorate and Provincial Social Services.

Address: AkıncılarMah. Cevre yolu Cad. N:111, 42100, Selçuklu, Konya, TURKEY



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Selcuk University, which began its educational endeavors in 1975, is one of the leading higher education institutions of Turkey, within 21 faculties, 6 institute, 6 schools, 22 vocational schools, 1 state conservatory and 9.519 graduate, 26.178 two-year degree, 38.115 undergraduate, totally 73.812 students. With a population of about 80 thousand people, including academic and administrative personnel and students, Selcuk University is, according to the figures released by the Turkish Statistics Institute, larger than 10 provincial centers and, according to the international publications data released by the Higher Education Council (HEC), ranks 8th.  According to 2013 Scopus data of Scimago Institute, one of the well-known world universities ranking institutions, our university is ranked in the top 8 universities in our country and 678 in the world's ranking. Selcuk University is among the first 3 % of world universities.  367th in the field of “Environment and Agriculture” and 492nd in “Medicine”. In addition to campuses in 18 districts within the borders of the province of Konya, our University has a campus in the city center of Konya which covers an area of 14.5 million square meters.
Technology Faculty: It was called as Technical Education Faculty that was founded in 1997. The name of Technical Education Faculty was changed to Technology Faculty. All the infrastructures and lecturers transferred to this renamed faculty in 2009. There are 6 departments; namely mechanical engineering, computer engineering, electrical-electronic engineering, metallurgy engineering, mechatronic engineering and biomedical department. Previously, the faculty participated to 4 EU supported Strengthening Vocational Education and Training(SVET) projects as partner.

Address: Selçuk University, Alaeddin Keykubat Kampus, Technology Faculty, 42075 Selcuklu / KONYA, TURKEY



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