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About Project: World facesnew difficulties with the developing risk of violent extremism. Schools and educators are being exposed to new situations and challenges from personalidentity conflicts to complex societal issues. Terrorist attacks in big citiesand increasing number of young people travelling from Europe to join radicalgroups are just a few examples of changes and challenges that schools and teachers must develop strategies to protect young people

The Paris Declaration of Education Ministers on 17 March 2015 called foraction at all levels to reinforce the role of education in promoting citizenship and the common values of freedom, tolerance and non-discrimination, strengthening social cohesion, and helping young people to become responsible, open-minded and active members of our diverse and inclusive societies. It isstated in the report, education and training is important to prevent and tackle marginalization and radicalization. Also, Erasmus+ programme is showed as asupportive resource in the new work cycle.

With SAVE project we aim at helping teachers and young people to ensurethat they are well equipped to detect different types of extremism and respondto them.

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